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Spring is here!

This week, we’re featuring some of our favourite spring things. There’s no better way to celebrate this season of colour and warm breezes than with a few of our favourite colourful things.

After the long winter, and this one has been one for the books, it’s always nice to get a cheerful ink in our pens, or have a little pop of colour on our desks, whether it’s a glass of iced lemonade or a bright yellow notebook. It’s also a great season for new beginnings, to start new habits or routines, or to try something different. We are wishing you much renewed energy and inspiration!

And in case you need more inspiration, here’s an old blog post featuring a rainbow of colours for the season.

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<center>J. Herbin Fountain Pen Ink (30mL) - Lierre Sauvage</center> <center>J. Herbin Fountain Pen Ink (30mL) - Rose Cyclamen</center> <center>J. Herbin Fountain Pen Ink (30mL) - Vert Olive</center>
<center>Kaweco Fountain Pen Ink (30mL) - Paradise Blue (Turquoise)</center> Stalogy Circular Masking Tape Patches phi20 Earth Opus 88 Picnic Fountain Pen - Blue
Stalogy 365 Days Notebook - A6 - Blue Stalogy 365 Days Notebook - A6 - Yellow Opus 88 KOLORO Fountain Pen - Orange Demonstrator
Stalogy 365 Days Notebook - A6 - Blue

Our Price: $27.00
In Stock
Stalogy 365 Days Notebook - A6 - Yellow

Our Price: $27.00
In Stock
Ferris Wheel Press Fountain Pen Ink - Pumpkin Patch 85mL KUM Plastic 1-Hole Sharpener (100-1FT) Stabilo Sensor - 8 Pack Bundle
Stabilo Sensor - 8 Pack Bundle

List Price: $20.80
Sale Price: $18.72