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Platinum Pen Company was founded in Japan in 1919, and is one of the "big three Japanese pen companies" known for their exceptional workmanship and quality nibs. Platinum's pens have been recognized in Japan and worldwide for their design. Platinum has been innovating for decades, and their "slip and seal" cap technology now ensures their pens can sit for months without ink drying up and clogging feeds.
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<center>Platinum Ink Cartridges - Yellow (Pack of 2)</center> <center>Platinum Ink Cartridges - Red (Pack of 2)</center> Platinum Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges - Carbon Black
Platinum Ink Cartridges - Yellow (Pack of 2)

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<center>Platinum Ink Cartridges - Black (Box of 10)</center> <center>Platinum Ink Cartridges - Red (Box of 10)</center> <center>Platinum Ink Cartridges - Blue-Black (Box of 10)</center>
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