Jon and Liz Chan met in school, married, and went on to fulfilling and meaningful careers in the financial industry and teaching. Little did they know what adventures life would have in store for them. Liz’s first fountain pen (a gift from Jon) would change their lives forever.

After looking near and far for her own fountain pen supplies, Jon & Liz opened their own shop, Wonder Pens in 2013, and it’s been a ride ever since. Strapped in the sidecar are adventurous toddler, Caleb, and handsome pup, Super, both loyal and enthusiastic trouble makers.

First opening at 906 Dundas West, with every corner and square inch packed to the rafters, the shop moved across the city in 2015, to its current space at 250 Carlaw, Unit 105.

Our Team

My name's Sarah and I'm an archery coach!

Sarah is a fellow Midori Traveler’s Notebook user, and always has her Superior Labor pen roll at hand. Sarah also coaches and works with young and professional archers. We knew Sarah was the perfect fit for our team after she started sharing stories about her pup, Ruby - a kindred spirit to Super in requiring abundant love.

My name's Bogdan and I have 13,000 fountain pens.

Bogdan is a fountain pen nut at heart, and has amassed a number of pens for his own personal collection. He enjoys weight lifting and fitness, along with the occasional bacon sandwich. One day, he hopes to convince Jon to return to the gym. Who knows, maybe they’ll even go rock climbing together. Hi Reddit!

My name's Micah and my favourite animal is a fountain pen

Micah has been a great addition to our team, and along with working out front in the shop and packing in the back, has already become master button maker. Best of all, Caleb enjoys sitting next to Micah on the bench while she works at the table, which keeps him busy for around three and a half minutes before he gets distracted and resumes roaming the warehouse. We’ll take it.

My name's Danielle and I love skiing
Danielle is the hinge upon which our entire operation swings, as she keeps our coffee pot running. Her interests include Japanese fountain pens, Russian literature, and Canadian music. She one day dreams to discuss Dostoyevsky with Sam Roberts. She also rock climbs, but not as well as Bogdan.

My name's Derrick and my favourite board game is Twister!

Derrick is a fan of all things DIY- his past creations include notebooks, pen rolls, and time machines. He also enjoys board games, accounting, coffee, photography, and more coffee. He's also been a fountain pen enthusiast since birth. Allegedly.

We are an online and bricks-and-mortar retailer of all of your stationery needs. With hard-to-find fountain pens, ink and paper from a variety of companies and countries, Wonder Pens aims to make fountain pens and writing accessible.

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